Peer Discussion Questions

Materials to help participants reflect on the nature of peer discusion questions.  Handout includes an intorduction to 1) the  key findings of "How People Learn" (HPL), 2) the TIMSS Assessment Framework cognitve domains of knowing, applying and reasoning.  It also includes sample peer discussion  questions to analyze, discuss , and relate to the findings in HPL and the TIMSS cognitive domains. 

Exam Question Design

    Facilitator guide and participant handout for an exercise.  Learning outcome for particiants is to write exam questions that evaluate success in meeting pre-established goals for student knowledge and skills.

    The specific exercise is designed around the example goal:  Students will recognize the derivative in novel contexts, and apply their knowledge of the derivative to solve problems in those contexts.

  Participants work in groups to design exam questions for exams in different formats (e.g. multiple choice, short answer), then discuss their work.

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