Syllabus for a Professional Development Seminar on Advancing in Conversational English

This seminar, which meets once per week, is offered for Mathematical Sciences graduate students at Clemson who are non-native English speakers.  The objective of this course is to help non-native English speakers improve their conversational English in fluidity of speech, proper use of grammar (verb tense, prepositions, etc.), advance use of vocabulary, and ease of speaking on a variety of topics. The ultimate objective is to prepare non-native English speakers to become confident and effective communicators in English in order that they may be effective instructors in the classroom.

Syllabus for a Professional Development Course for Statistics TAs

Course Syllabus for Math 9000-230, a 1 credit professional development course taken by the teaching assistants for Clemson's introductory statistics course.  Teaching assistants in this course are responsible for running the weekly statistics labs.  The course includes discussion on lab assignments, grading practices, and best practices in teaching statistics.


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