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Graduate students’ pedagogical changes using iterative lesson study

Researchers at two universities implemented an iterative lesson study process with ten graduate student instructors (GSIs), five from each university’s mathematics department. Over the span of two weeks, each group of GSIs met with a facilitator to collaboratively plan an undergraduate mathematics lesson, implement the lesson, revise their lesson plan, reteach the lesson to another class of students, and complete a final reflection. Using a multiple case study qualitative methodology, we thematically coded GSI consistencies and revisions to lesson planning during the iterative process according to the Principles to Actions national mathematical teaching practices. At both universities there were specific teaching practices that GSIs used throughout the iterative lesson study and specific teaching practices that GSIs revised. Identifying these teaching practices offers insight into the utility and value of iterative lesson study with graduate student instructors

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This is our 2016 RUME article on Lesson Study.


Sean Yee and Kim Rogers


Sean Yee

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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Graduate Student Educator Researchers