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Flipped Learning Skepticism

The author addresses some skepticisms of flipped learning which appeared in a previous article "Toward a common definition of flipped learning" (see, Rather than bury his responses in the comment thread, the author wrote a follow-up article discussing the questions raised. 

Detailed Description

This article, Flipped learning skepticism: Is flipped learning just self-teaching?, (see, discusses possible issues with flipped learning. The author discusses a problem students encounter (adjusting to the design of a non-lecture oriented class), and a problem that faculty encounter (dealing with negative student reactions) in a flipped class. This article is a follow-up to the article "Toward a common definition of flipped learning", which can also be found in The Chronicle of Higher Education. In the first article several issues with flipped learning where brought up in the comments section. The author responded to some of these in the comments section. However, the author felt that many of these important responses would not be read if they are buried within the comments. 

These aritcles could be used for anyone interested in flipping a class. 


Following is a link about flipped learning,


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Friday, July 17, 2015

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