cooperative learning

Video Cases for College Mathematics Instructor Professional Development (link)

Watching authentic video of mathematics teaching enlivens any professional development program and catalyzes deep conversations about pedagogy. Partnered with research-based readings, these video cases (accompanied by facilitator guides) help college mathematics instructors build their knowledge of student thinking and advance their strategies for engaging students.

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Design of Japanese Lesson Study for Mathematics Graduate Student Instructors

Lesson Study is a method for improving teaching through iterative practice of a single lesson with multiple teachers. The attached handout gives you a layout of how to implement Lesson Study with early mathematics graduate students as they strive to become full instructors of record (experienced Graduate Student Instructors, GSIs). This is currently being used at two universities within a 1-credit hour and a 3-credit hour mathematics graduate student teaching methods course. This lesson study focused on making measurable goals.

Syllabus for a Professional Development Course for Statistics TAs

Course Syllabus for Math 9000-230, a 1 credit professional development course taken by the teaching assistants for Clemson's introductory statistics course.  Teaching assistants in this course are responsible for running the weekly statistics labs.  The course includes discussion on lab assignments, grading practices, and best practices in teaching statistics.

Group Work

Short piece (7 pages). Written for mathematics faculty, graduate student, and undergraduate audiences. It is a synthesis of the big ideas around teaching that includes having students work in groups. This short essay can be used as a pre-meeting reading or during-meeting reading. Allow at least 20 minutes for reading (advise at least 35 minutes if group includes English language learners).

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