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Video Cases for College Mathematics Instructor Professional Development (link)

Watching authentic video of mathematics teaching enlivens any professional development program and catalyzes deep conversations about pedagogy. Partnered with research-based readings, these video cases (accompanied by facilitator guides) help college mathematics instructors build their knowledge of student thinking and advance their strategies for engaging students.

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Observation Tool - Teaching for Robust Understanding

This Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) Observation Guide is designed to support instructors, teaching leaders/providers of TA training, and professional learning communities in conducting and reflecting on classroom observations. It is based on the Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) Framework (see

Teaching Graduate Student Instructors about Mathematical Tasks


Time Frame: 50 minute seminar


Overall Topic(s): Creating Meaningful Mathematical Tasks



At the end of this session, GSIs will be able to

  • Determine a low-level and high-level cognitively demanding task when looking at a lesson plan.
  • Write a high-level task.



  • High-Low Cognitive Demand Handout


Outline, Possible Timing, & Important Points to Remember:



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