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Michigan professional development week schedule

Sample schedule for Michigan's intensive, week-long teaching institute for graduate teaching assistants and postdocs who are new instructors in the calculus sequence. 

Detailed Description

The University of Michigan's math department runs an intensive, week-long teaching institute, known locally as "training week,"  before the new academic year begins.  It serves both new graduate teaching assistants and new postdocs who are teaching one of the large, coordinated calculus courses that are based on active and cooperative learning.  This sample schedule from 2016 shows the overall schedule for training week. Most activities are joint for the grad students and postdocs, but the handout includes the two separate schedules for graduate student and postdoc participants and some details about how they prepare for and participate in the activities. 


Please see the CoMInDS Program Profile for Michigan for more context for this schedule, and some additional resources.


Fernando Carreon, Paul Kessenich, Angela Kubena


Sandra Laursen

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1 week