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About the Project

The purpose of the College Mathematics Instructors Development Source (CoMInDS) is to provide readily accessible resources for teaching-related professional development for college mathematics instructors. CoMInDS goals include:

In order to meet these goals, we are creating tools to enhance the mathematics community’s ability to provide high quality, teaching-related professional development (PD) to novice college mathematics instructors (CMIs). Project components are designed to address the needs of three core groups whose efforts have significant influence on the quality of undergraduate mathematics instruction:

  1. Establishing a professional community of practice for preparing students teach undergraduate mathematics.
  2. Offering professional development and resources to faculty who are preparing graduate students to teach undergraduate mathematics.
  3. Developing an online resource suite of instructional materials and research products related to college instructor development.
    • Providers: Faculty who provide PD to CMIs (who are often graduate student teaching assistants).
    • Scholars: Faculty and graduate students whose research and other scholarly activities center on the teaching of undergraduate mathematics.
    • CMIs: Graduate students or others whose responsibilities include teaching mathematics courses.

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